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Temporary Cheminformatics OLCC Site

This site is to provide information on the Intercollegiate Cheminformatics OnLine Chemistry Course being developed by the CCCE. This course will be offered in the Fall of 2014 and Fall of 2015, and we are looking for faculty who would like to offer this course at their home institutions. These faculty will have an opportunity to work with Cheminformaticians and Chemicial Information scientists in both the development and delivery of the course content.

In line with the OLCC model, the faculty facilitators will be the instructors of record and need to get the course added to their schools schedule (this is usually done by offering the OLCC as a special topics course). Further information on the Cheminformatics OLCCs can be found at:

Briefly, our objectives are to:

  • Use social and semantic technologies to develop course content where faculty facilitators interact with Cheminformaticians in the development of the course material
  • Use social and semantic technologies to disseminate course content where multiple schools can offer customized course content. Cheminformaticians will function as online guest lecturers and directly interact with students.
  • Archive course content
  • Create content focused on essential cheminformatic and information science skills that are missing in the traditional chemistry curriculum and would be an asset to undergraduate chemistry majors in todays evolving STEM workplace.

This project is being supported by NSF TUES grant 1140485 through the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Indiana University Bloomington.

Please Contact Bob Belford, rebelford@ualr.edu or David Wild, djwild@indiana.edu if you have any questions concerning this project.

Please Note: This is a temporary site that we are using to provide information on the Cheminformatics OLCC while the CCCE is developing a new site using Drupal 7.