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Essential Cheminformatics by David J. Wild

On October 7, 2011 Dr. David J. Wild, Director of the Cheminformatic Program at Indiana University-Bloomington gave the first hybrid online presentation to the UALR department of Chemistry seminar series using BigBlueButton conference management system and Skype.  Although this was a lecture to departmental faculty and students, Dr. Wild was presenting on core cheminformatic material which we feel graduating students should be cognizant of, and components of this lecture would be incorporated into the Cheminformatics OLCC.  That is, how do you represent molecules in a way that computers understand, and what are the issues with such representations.  This is actually the first of two presentations and Dr. Tony Williams will give a followup on Oct. 14 which will build upon the material presented here.  Dr. Wild was kind enough to allow us to record this and share his slides through slideshare.

Here is a YouTube video of Dr. Wild's presentation.

Here is a slideshow from slideshare.

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