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CCCE Membership

The following is a list of current members.  Please contact the chair, who is currently Bob Belford (rebelford@ualr.edu) if you are interested in learning more about the CCCE

Name & Contact Information
Years of Membership
Bob Belford, Associate Professor of Chemisty, University of Arknasas at Little Rock
Phone: 501 569-8824
E-mail: rebelford@ualr.edu
2008-2013 Social semantic web technologies and their impact on both education and the future of science.
Jordi Cuadros
Universitat Ramon Llull
Via Augusta 390
08017 Barcelona
E-mails: jordi.cuadros@iqs.edu

Home page


While I am interested in any use of the computer that may influence learning, my main focus is in the use of simulations in chemical and physics education.

I have been colaborating with the ChemCollective project at CMU and the JOptics project at Universitat de Barcelona. I also coordinate continuous education courses for in-service chemistry teachers at IQS.

Erik Epp 2013-2015
Liz Dorland
Departments of Biology and Chemistry
Campus Box# 1137
Washington University
100 Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130
Office: 314-935-6094
Mobile: 480-518-2846
E-mail: dorland@wustl.edu
Robert Gregorius 2010-2012

I am interested in linking animations and simulations to pedagogy and learning theory, with the objective of developing effective learning methods that increase student performance.

I've developed a learning system for GenChem I and II that includes: an eBook built entirely in Flash, cooperative learning, and formal reporting and critiquing (no lectures!). Samples from the eBook can be viewed at: IC2.

Jonathan Gutow
Chemistry Department
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh, WI  54901
Skype: optical_aide
Office: 920-424-1326
E-mail: gutow@uwosh.edu
Home page
2010-2015 I am interested in utilizing computer tools for enhancing how my students learn and what they can learn.

I am a developer for Jmol (interactive 3-D molecular structure visualization) focusing mostly on tools for making web pages that contain Jmol and using Jmol for visualization of 3-D plots withing the SageMath package.  I also assist a little with maintaining this web site.
Christos Lampropoulos
Dept. of Chemistry
University of North Florida
Jacksonville FL 32224
Skype: christos.lampropoulos
Office: 904-620-2152
e-mail: c.lampropoulos(@)unf.edu

I am interested in the development of virtual laboratory environments and instrument simulators using kinesthetic sensors. My research team involves two computer scientists/engineers as well as several undergraduate and graduate students. The developed technology could be used in many different settings (Universities, Primarily undergraduate institutions, Community colleges, and even high-schools). We envision a wide applicability even in other disciplines, and this technology targets a new avenue for student learning, fascilitation of long-distance learning for the labs, and the design of novel experiments without the need of additional instrumentation. Other projects include inorganic magnetic materials and sensor technologies.

Resa Kelly
Dept. of Chemistry
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA  95192
Phone: (408)-924-4940
Kelly Lancaster

I designed chemistry simulations for the PhET project at CU-Boulder after earning a PhD in Computational Chemistry at Georgia Tech. I recently began to develop interactive lab content for Sapling Learning.

Lisa Lindert
Chris Lurker
Aimee Miller
Emily Moore
Jennifer Muzyka
Centre College
Danville, KY  40422
(859) 238-5413


Brian Pankuch
Department of Chemistry
Union County College
Cranford NJ 07016
1985-2013 I'm interested in developing and using interactive simulations and animations.
Harry Pence 2011-2016
John Penn
West Virginia University
Morgantown WV 26506-6045
Xavier Prat-Resina
Assistant Professor
Center for Learning Innovation
University of Minnesota-Rochester.
Phone: 507-258-8215
E-mail: pratr001 _at_ umn.edu
Home page
Justin M. Shorb
Assistant Professor
University of the Virgin Islands
Phone: 340 693-1247
E-mail: jshorb_at_uvi.edu

Chemistry Education

Physical Chemistry

Member of the ChemEd DL group that created http://www.chemeddl.org

Rick Spinney
Auxillary Assistant Professor
The Ohio State University
Phone: 614 247-6847

Computational Chemistry

The use of technolgy in teaching in both the classroom and via the web. I have developed a number of online sites for teaching undergraduate chemistry, they are available here

Jerry Suits
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Campus Box 98
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO 80639
Office: 970-351-1169
E-mail: jerry.suits@unco.edu
2009-2014 My primary interests are in developing and evaluating chemistry animations and simulations. In general chemistry courses, I routinely use microcomputer-based laboratory (MBL) interface and sensors in the laboratory part of the courses, and on-line homework in the lecture part. My research group studies the effectiveness of computer-based learning environments, mostly visualizations, on students' mental models (i.e. their visual and verbal representations and the mental operations upon them).
Bob Tatz 2011-2016
Malka Yayon 2011-2013
Jason Telford
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Maryville University
St. Louis, MO 63141
Office: (314) 529-9432
E-mail: jtelford@maryville.edu
Skype: use email or jrtelford for contact