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OLCC: On-Line Chemistry Courses

These are actually hybrid courses where expert guest lecturers present material to students via the internet in a class run by a resident faculty member.  The idea of an OLCC is to give opportunites for schools to offer classes in subjects for which resident faculty may not have expertise in.

Past OLCCs

OLCC I:   Spring 1996 - Environmental and Industrial Chemistry
OLCC II:  Spring 1998 - Envirionmental and Industrial Chemistry
OLCC III: Fall 1998 - Pharmaceuticals, Their Discovery, Regulation and Manufacture
OLCC IV: Spring 2000 - Environmental and Industrial Chemistry
OLCC V:   Fall 2004- Chemical Safety: Protecting Ourselves And Our Environment


New OLCC: Cheminformatics

We are currently developing an OLCC on Cheminformatics. The objective of this course would be to allow schools the ability to offer students a course on the latest cheminformatics technologies, and how social and semantic web applications can enhance knowldege acquisition and the discovery process in the chemical sciences. Please contact Bob Belford (rebelford@ualr.edu) if you would like more information on the Cheminformatic OLCC.

The Cheminformatics OLCC will be hosted on a new server and we are posting information at this temporary OLCC site.