Looking for ConfChem? ConfChem now resides at its new site, confchem.ccce.divched.org


This site is under development. We currently have a small ACS Innovative Projects Grant to develop a folksnomically indexed archive of Newsletters and ConfChems.  We did not own our old IP address and decided to port the old digital archives to the new site and anticiapte the new site will be up by the summer of 2013.  The digital editions that are currently available are the Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Fall 2012 and Fall 2013 Newsletters. Select pre 2000 editions have been scanned and are available at the bottom of this page.  If you are seeking a 2000-2009 edition you can contact the chair, Bob Belford, at rebelford@ualr.edu

There have been three major phases to the publication of the CCCE's Computers in Chemical Education Newsletter.

1978-2000 Printed Editions: The earliest editions were mailed to a subscriber list and we believe the first Newsletter was a printed in 1978, and this continued to the Spring of 2000. We are currently trying to find old editions and scanning them for archival purposes. At the bottom of this page are the editions we have obtained and these will soon be available through this web site. If you have access to any old editions which are not listed below we would be most grateful if you contacted us (Bob Belford, rebelford@ualr.edu).

2001-2010 Web 1.0 Online Editions: The Fall 2001 Newsletter was the first Newsletter to go online and was run similar to a Confchem conference. The papers were posted to html pages and discussed over a listserv. The fundamental difference is all papers in a ConfChem were focused on a topic and that topic may have had nothing to do with the use of computers in chemical education, whereas the newsletter would contain multiple papers on completely different and unrelated topics, although they typically would deal with some aspect of the use of computers in chemical education. 

One of the short comings of this system was that the discussions were stored in the listserv archive and not with the actual papers, with the consequence that many of the discussion threads have been lost over time.

Fall 2011-future Web 2.0 Online Edition: Starting in the Fall 2011 the Newsletter will be housed in the Drupal Content Management site and the papers will be archived with the discussions appended as comments. This site is currently being developed and we plan to integrate into the site Blogs, book forums and general announcements related to the use of computers in chemical education.

Search for Old Printed Editions of the Newsletter:

The committee is currently collecting these and scanning the old newsletters for archival purposes and if you have access to any of the old editions we would be most appreciative if you would contact us.

We currently have the following editions and are in the process of scanning them:

Vol VIII.1 (March 1985)
Vol IX (Sep 1986-Sep 1987)
Spring 1989
Fall 1989
Winter 1989
Fall 1991
Spring 1992
Fall 1992
Spring 1993
Fall 1993
Spring 1994
Spring 1995
Spring 1996
Fall 1996
Fall 1997
Spring 1997
Spring 1998
Fall 1998
Spring 1999
Fall 1999
Spring 2000