Looking for ConfChem? ConfChem now resides at its new site, confchem.ccce.divched.org


Introduction to ConfChem Conferences:

ConfChem online conferences are run by the ACS Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED or CHED) Committee on Computers in Chemical Education (CCCE), and have been ongoing since 1993. The first ConfChem predates the html based World Wide Web and ConfChems are probably the oldest continuously operating online conference on chemical education.  The basic model is very simple, you schedule a conference of related papers, post them online, setup a schedule, and discuss them sequentially over a listserver.  In 2011 we made the first major change in the format and integrated web2.0 technologies into the operation of a ConfChem conference.  ConfChem conferences are open to the public, you do not need to be a member of the ACS or CHED to participate in one, and there are currently over 800 active email addresses on the list.

 The current system is still being refined, but our objective is to facilitate the three aspects of running a conference; organizing it, running it and archiving it.  The system uses the Drupal Content Management system where different users have different privileges defined by their roles.  Anonymous users do not need to log in, can see all papers and comments, but have no “write privileges”.  To participate in a Confchem you need to subscribe to both the ConfChem listserv and the CCCE website (which can be done from this page).

Participating in a ConfChem

There are two ways to read a ConfChem paper

1.  Download the PDF version.
2.  Read the paper in your browser where you can access Web 2.0 features like Youtubes and slideshows

To participate in a discussion you need to:

1.  Set up an account at this web site so you can post comments which trigger emails to the list
2.  Subscribe to ConfChem list to receive comments which are posted to ConfChem papers using this link

Please DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS FROM CONFCHEM, but go to the link in the email which takes you to the comment section of the paper.  You then reply to the comment (not the email), and your comment will be emailed to the list. During a conference the list will be subscribed to each paper as it is discussed.  If you are very interested in a paper you can subscribe your own CCCE account to it, and then receive notifications of any posts even if the conference is not discussing the paper.

NOTE: You may have to "White-List" confchem@ualr.edu on your SPAM Filter because this is an autogenerated email with a different "return address" than the "send address" (the email comes from confchem@ualr.edu, but when you reply to it, the reply goes to the ConfChem moderator).  As stated above, we do not use the reply function of your email to discuss papers, but the link which sends you back to the paper's comments, and you use that feature of the paper to discuss the paper.

Please feel free to use this page for comments on the ConfChem system.  It is our intention to also integrate this into Twitter and Facebook and anyone interested in testing that can contact us.